Tomcat Configuration in Eclipse Indigo

Without a tomacat plugin eclipse can not understand the tomcat. To configure it follow the below steps.


Strat your eclipse

2. See in the toolbar there is no tomcat icon, because we dont have a plugin for it.

No icon in the top menu bar

3. Download the plugin here.

4. Unzip the file and paste to your eclipse\plugins directory.

paste unzip plugin folder here

5. Restart the eclipse now.

6. Now you can see the tomcat icon on the menu bar.

See the tomcat icons are appearing now

7. Now go to window->Preference . Find out Tomcat configuration from the left panel.

Go to preference


Configure tomcat now

Choose your tomcat version and browse the tomcat home.

Press  OK to save all those  configuration.

Now you just configured your eclipse for tomcat.

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