How to use Core FTP

A ftp software is use to transfer the local file to web server.  To download and use core ftp use the following steps
1. Search core ftp in google.

Search Core Ftp in google

2. Open the first link.

3.Click on the link to download coreftp.exe

Direct Link: Click here to download the core ftp now

4. Install the coreftp  software by double clicking on the exe file.

5. Open the core ftp.

6. Click on File->Connect

7. Click on New Site to create a fto connection

8. Follow the points as the picture.

  • Write your site name
  • write the host as your website name or you may ask your service provider
  • put the ftp username and password
  • check the ftp port to 21 and connection method as FTP
  • now click on connect
9. Once connected to web browse your local file to upload to web. You can create, delete any folder, file from web.




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