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28 Jun 2015

No supported encrypter found. The cipher and / or key length are invalid

If you saw this error in Laravel, then regenerate the APP key using php artisan key:generate This will solve the problem.

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  • If you saw this error in Laravel, then regenerate the APP key using php artisan key:generate This will solve the problem. [more]

  • Schema::create('table', function($table) { $table->increments('id'); }); // Specify a Connection Schema::connection('foo')->create('table', function($table){}); // Rename the table to a given name Schema::rename($from, $to); // Indicate that the table should be dropped Schema::drop('table'); // Indicate that the table should be dropped ... [more]

  • Cache Cache::put('key', 'value', $minutes); Cache::add('key', 'value', $minutes); Cache::forever('key', 'value'); Cache::remember('key', $minutes, function(){ return 'value' }); Cache::rememberForever('key', function(){ return 'value' }); Cache::forget('key'); Cache::has('key'); Cache::get('key'); Cache::get('key', 'default'); Cache::get('key', function(){ return 'default'; }); Cache::tags('my-tag')->put('key','value', $minutes); Cache::tags('my-tag')->has('key'); Cache::tags('my-tag')->get('key'); Cache::tags('my-tag')->forget('key'); Cache::tags('my-tag')->flush(); Cache::increment('key'); Cache::increment('key', $amount); Cache::decrement('key'); Cache::decrement('key', $amount); Cache::section('group')->put('key', $value); Cache::section('group')->get('key'); Cache::section('group')->flush(); ... [more]

  • Requests // url: http://xx.com/aa/bb Request::url(); // path: /aa/bb Request::path(); // getRequestUri: /aa/bb/?c=d Request::getRequestUri(); // Returns user's IP Request::getClientIp(); // getUri: http://xx.com/aa/bb/?c=d Request::getUri(); // getQueryString: c=d Request::getQueryString(); // Get the port scheme of the request (e.g., 80, 443, etc.) Request::getPort(); // Determine if ... [more]

  • Model::create(array('key' => 'value')); // Find first matching record by attributes or create Model::firstOrCreate(array('key' => 'value')); // Find first record by attributes or instantiate Model::firstOrNew(array('key' => 'value')); // Create or update a record matching attibutes, and fill with values ... [more]

  • Database DB::connection('connection_name'); DB::statement('drop table users'); DB::listen(function($sql, $bindings, $time){ code_here; }); DB::transaction(function(){ transaction_code_here; }); // Cache a query for $time minutes DB::table('users')->remember($time)->get(); // Escape raw input DB::raw('sql expression here'); ... [more]